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Covid-19 Update

Covid-19 Update

As we begin to re-open we will be adhering to all the latest professional guidelines to ensure we have the most effective infection control measures in place.
If you think you need an appointment we will discuss with you the need for a face-to-face treatment, rather than a remote consultation. If you do need to come in to a clinic for treatment we will ask you various questions to make sure you do not have any Covid-19 symptoms before we confirm your appointment.
Following the latest advice, we have put the following measures in place to ensure the safety of our patients and our team:
  1. Physiotherapists will work alone or will stagger appointment times to ensure that social distancing in reception and waiting areas can be maintained.
  2. Patients should attended unaccompanied where possible, friends and family should wait outside unless a chaperone is required.
  3. Patients should wait outside until the physiotherapist indicates that it is safe for them to enter the clinic.
  4. Physiotherapists will wear appropriate PPE.
  5. All surfaces including couches, pillows, equipment used, door handles and card machines will be cleaned using clinical strength cleansing cloths in between each appointment.
  6. All patients will be asked to wash their hands on entering and leaving the clinic. This request will be clearly displayed in reception.
  7. We will continue to offer remote consultations in the first instance and will continue to treat you remotely, assisting you with self management. We will offer face to face appointments if this is not a reasonable option.

If you have any questions about on-going treatment, which has had to be postponed due to the pandemic, or any other questions relating to your physiotherapy requirements.

Call: 01629 814433 for more information

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New physiotherapy clinic

New physiotherapy clinic

The partners are delighted to announce that they have opened a new physiotherapy clinic that is based at the Darley Dale Medical Centre, which opened at the end of the summer 2019.

This is Bakewell Physiotherapy Group’s third clinic, which serves patients living and working in and around the greater Matlock area.

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Bakewell Physiotherapy Group

Bakewell Physiotherapy Group

The partners of BPC Physiotherapy are delighted to announce that as of 5 March 2018 they will be known as Bakewell Physiotherapy Group.

It was decided to change the name to provide consistency with the name and the branding of the clinics at Bakewell and St Elphin’s in Darley Dale, and given that a third clinic will be opening later in the year, in Two Dales.

The company appointed Baslow-based Opera PR & Communications to create the new brand identity, which has been applied to new signage, all corporate stationery and a new website.

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