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"Nothing is more satisfying than seeing a patient's confidence grow as they learn to overcome their fears"

Helen Akbary BA (Hons) MBSR MBCT NLP CCHYP

Helen is a talking therapist and coach who uses a variety of techniques including mindfulness, NLP, EFT, RPT and hypnotherapy, to assist individuals in overcoming emotional barriers to health or success.

Helen has a background in secondary teaching and has had extensive experience within education, specialising in treating teenage stress, anxiety and depression.

As well as using various one-to-one therapies, Helen has developed and delivered training courses on stress management in the workplace and the mind-body connection for different organisations, including those in the education, healthcare and business sectors. She also teaches mindfulness.

Helen has worked as a therapist since 2006 and during this time has assisted people from all walks of life with a vast array of debilitating problems, treating everything from chronic pain to overcoming a fear of spiders.