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"I am passionate about delivering the highest standards of patient care and feel a sense of achievement every day"

Sophie Lavy BSc Sports Therapy, MSST

Sophie is an experienced sports therapist in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal condition. She graduated from Coventry University in 2018 and has since gained clinical experience at Care For Health, Alpine Sports Physio and Glossop Physio clinics. She had also run her own freelance sports therapy business since 2020.

Outside of clinical work, Sophie has worked in professional sport for three years, particularly in downhill mountainbiking, road cycling and snow sports. During this time, she has attended over 20 UCI world cups, three UCI world championships, La Vuelta 2022 and the Tour De France Femmes 2023.

Sophie is passionate about exercise-based rehabilitation and hands on treatment, aimed at sporting injuries, age-related conditions or general lifestyle aches and pains. She believes in not simply relieving symptoms, but instead finding and targeting the root cause.

She regularly participates in continued professional development (CPD) courses such as dry cupping, sports nutrition, and attends conferences focusing on specific joints or treatment modalities.